Get More Storage for Your Dorm Room

Cartoon 2D Image of a Typical College Dorm Room
Get More Storage for Your Dorm Room


New York City College students need to plan ahead when it comes to their storage needs.
College life in Manhattan can be an adjustment, especially for students who aren’t used to city life. The hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps is just one of the things that students need to get used to. Dorm life is a challenge in and of itself that every college student faces, but the experience of dorm life in New York City is unique to NYC college students.

Like most New York City apartments, dorm rooms in Manhattan can be tiny and cramped. Finding a place to store your personal belongings can be so complex, it could be a university course. There are plenty of ways to maximize the space your given though, and reduce clutter.

Below are a few tips to help make New York City storage, and dorm life, a whole lot easier:

1. Utilize The Space Under Your Bed: Design and organization experts encourage students living in dorm rooms and other small spaces to utilize every square inch of space under the bed for storage. If that isn’t an option, because there is little or no height, there are plenty of stores that sell cheap bed lifters that can provide you with the space needed for under-the-bed storage. For the more ambitious types, consider turning your bed into a loft. This would not only provide additional storage space, but additional living space as well.

2. Clear Storage Tubs are a College Student’s Best Bet: As if being a full-time college student wasn’t enough, having to sift through a bunch of plastic bins to find that favorite top or that book you promised to lend your classmate consumes a lot of time that you probably don’t have. By organizing your items into clear plastic storage bins, you cut your search time in half just by being able to quickly recognize which box to open.

3. Add Shelving: Depending on dorm policy, you may or may not have permission to add shelving to your walls. If you are allowed, put up shelves to get rid of the clutter around your room. You may even want to consider “back of the door” storage units, like shoe organizers, which go a long way to helping you get the most out of the small space you have been given.

If you find that no amount of creativity can help you create a better storage solution for your NYC dorm room, your best alternative is to check out valet storage services. This way you can store lesser-used items off-site. Valet services are also cheaper and easier to use than self-storage sites. When you need a certain item like your skis or book that is in storage, the valet storage service company can have it at your doorstep when you ask for it, and you don’t have to commute anywhere to get it.

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