See How the Professionals Spring Clean

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are beginning to show their colors and that means it’s spring! It’s time to air out your apartment and put things back in order. We asked a few of our favorite professional organizers to share their strategies for spring cleaning at home.

See their incredible insights below!

Erica Ecker ( @theSpacialist

1) Want to get rid of something but too weighed down by guilt? Ask yourself, “If guilt wasn’t a factor would I toss it?” If the answer is yes, then give yourself a guilt-free pass and get rid of it. Guilt has no place in the organizing process.

2) Schedule an organizing session with yourself that’s no longer than three hours, and then make concrete plans with friends so you have to stop and get on with your life. This will keep you from going that extra hour that ultimately pushes you over the edge and out of commission.

3) Whether you’re diving into a new organizing project or just trying to get a consistent rhythm going with your maintenance activities, it’s time to look at your natural energy’s highs and lows. This way you’ll get the most bang from your time with the least pain.

Elizabeth Cox ( @SixDegreesOfMom

1) If I am having trouble getting started (or staying on track!), I create a “real” deadline for myself by promising one (or a couple) of my favorite charities a certain number (or amount) of donations by a certain date. This ALWAYS keeps me from procrastinating because I know a very worthy cause is counting on me to finish what I started!

2) Sometimes all I need to get started is the help of some nice wine and a great Spotify playlist.

3) When my husband (aka. one of the world’s greatest hoarders) is the problem, I agree up front to let him “rescue” five out of every 20 or so things that I had otherwise selected for the purge. This keeps everyone happy!

Jessie Freschl ( @freschstyle

1) Take everything out. In order to get a good handle of what you have, pull all of your clothing out into an open space. Sure, it might be overwhelming, but also eye opening. Divide your clothing into the pieces you want to keep, store, and need to review later to alter, clean or delete.

2) Invest in organizational tools.  A closet professional can help organize your closets to work better for you. They can make the most of your space by suggesting the right closet accessories. They also act as an additional voice of reasoning when you are having a hard time letting go of the skirt you wore to homecoming 15 years ago.

Meryl Starr ( @merylstarr

The focus for now is to REORGANIZE, Refresh, Recycle and Reuse:

1) For Physical Clutter…

  • How can you reorganize a space and make it feel better?
  • What items in your home can you reuse?
  • How many things can be refreshed?
  • What can you recycle?

2) For Emotional Clutter…

  • It’s time to start recycling your thoughts
  • Reorganize and start thinking positively
  • Refresh everyday by taking one day at a time
  • Reuse any positive ideas that come your way

Sharon Lowenheim ( @OrganizerGoddess

1) With the warm weather approaching, March is a great time to revisit your spring and summer clothes and remind yourself of what you have.   If you’ve gained or lost weight since the summer, try on your clothes and make sure you know what still fits.

2) While you’re revisiting your wardrobe, take note of which items you are excited to see, and which ones leave you unmoved. Perhaps it’s time to give away the ones that don’t thrill you. Don’t you deserve to love everything you put on?

3) Take the time now to look at your winter clothes to see what you didn’t wear all season. Our temperatures this winter ran the gamut from unseasonably warm to unbearably cold, so anything you didn’t wear is clearly not a favorite. Let it go now rather than letting it take up precious storage space for another year.

Feeling inspired? So are we. Manyy thanks to our contributing organizers! Feel free to share your best Spring Cleaning tips in the comment section below; we love hearing great ideas from the brilliant minds of the Box Butler community! Happy Spring Cleaning!

Have you already undergone spring cleaning and still feel overwhelmed by clutter? A minimalist lifestyle may be the change you're looking for.

By Jake Hamilton | Last updated on September 7, 2016