These Boots Are Made for Storing

Girl wearing stylish ankle boots.
These Boots Are Made for Storing

One of these days, those boots are gonna come right back to you! (Our apologies to Patsy Cline.) You love shoes. Who doesn’t? But it’s tough to love the ever-growing mound of oh-so-chic footwear that’s taking up all of the space in your closets. At Box Butler, we believe that space constraints shouldn’t hold you back from owning every pair of shoe you fall in love with. Shoe lovers, read on for a two-step strategy on maximizing the potential of your beloved shoe collection.

Step 1: Take Inventory and Inspect Your Shoe Collection

Take stock of what you’ve got by pulling your shoes out, making sure to round up all the culprits hiding in out of the way places: gym bags, under the furniture, on top of the fridge (hey, no judgment), etc. Then, line them up and have a look.

  • Which shoes repeat in both style and color? Maybe it’s time to let a few of the redundancies go. Did you wear it in the past several months?  If not, donate. For shoes that no longer fit, cause pain or just no longer amaze you (you should love everything you put on), also put them in the donation. We’re big fans of Soles4Souls, who distribute gently worn shoes to underprivileged communities worldwide.
  • Check soles, heels, buckles, zippers and seams for any wear and tear, and make a pile to take to your local shoe repair shop.
  • Did you find anything beyond repair? Donate it to the dumpster.
  • For those that you still love with all of your sole (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves), but are out of season and won’t be worn for the spring and summer months, store them with Box Butler. Just pack them up, we whisk them away and when you need them back, just call and we will deliver them to your doorstep.

Step 2: Organize and Store

Now that everything is accounted for and appropriate for the season, give your remaining shoes the home they deserve. And remember, sometimes it’s necessary to think outside the (shoe)box:

  • Shoe Wall Art: Shoe organization meets wall art. Yes, you can indeed have it all. Hooks or rings strategically placed will allow you to put your best and brightest on full display. Your room will look great and your floor will remain clutter free.
  • Crown Molding Shoe Art: Similar to the above strategy, you can give your walls a pop of color with bright crown molding that makes for a simple, easy-on-the-eyes hanging heel rack.
  • Wine Box Shoe Storage: Turn an empty wine box into sneaker storage. Decorate the outside with pretty paper to make it dazzle in a bedroom or entryway.
  • Low-Hanging, Wall-Mounted Coat Hooks: Place them in an entryway where they’ll be perfect for kicking off your frequently worn shoes without creating a tripping hazard or cluttering your closet.

Shoes are just the first step to keeping your home organized, here are 4 tips for a more organized apartment from a professional organizer.

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By Jake Hamilton | Last updated on September 8, 2016