Use Mirrors to Make Your Living Space Appear Larger

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Use Mirrors to Make Your Living Space Appear Larger

After a long day out in New York City, you relish coming home to your sanctuary. Except your sanctuary is less than 700 square feet, and amid having sensations that the walls are closing in on you, you often fight the desire to pack your bags and move to the suburbs where space is a prerequisite of lifestyle. We know how much you love living in the city though, and moving to the 'burbs is not an option.

Today we want to introduce you to a decor trick interior designs love: Hanging mirrors. Mirrors create the illusion of space, and are an excellent way to stave off feelings of claustrophobia.

So start mirror shopping.

Not only do mirrors make living areas more dynamic, they give the impression of larger space when hung in the right way. Think of it as an inexpensive renovation: By hanging a mirror as the focal piece or grouping several together in strategic places, a room appears bigger in size. Not to mention, these decorative pieces are an easy way to bring more light into a room.

How to Make a Space Feel Larger with Mirrors

Some of our favorite tricks can be applied to any decorating style. For instance, if you have a long hallway, place a mirror at the opposite end. Walking towards one’s reflection doubles the length of the corridor. You can also hang a row of small mirrors horizontally to make a hallway appear wider. If height is what you are lacking, lean a floor-length mirror against the wall.

Hanging a rectangular mirror at eye level creates a window effect, whereas placing a mirror across from an existing window brings in natural light. One of the most commonly-used optical illusions is placing a mirror over the dining table, fireplace or similarly central place. In doing so, the mirror turns a small space into an open focal point.

One popular decorative solution for adding depth and personality to a room is to organize a group of mirrors together. For a collector’s feel, mix and match frames of different shapes and styles and artfully group them together. Another option is to choose frames of the same color or of the same style. For a contemporary look, group together several of the same mirror style.

No mirror can hide clutter if you let it accumulate though. Learn from the professionals how to keep clutter at bay.

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By Emma Alois | Published on July 5, 2016