Valet Storage is Better than Self Storage. Here’s Why

Valet Storage is Better than Self Storage. Here’s Why

Amid the excitement of living in New York City, lies the schlep. Those that don’t know the word soon feel its meaning deep in their bones shortly after moving to the city. The schlep is the arduous process of transitioning between points along a grid that is jam-packed with people, places, and unusual circumstances. It’s the sometimes daunting task of leaving your home to make it to work or dinner reservations on time. The schlep involves getting bumped into, uncomfortable weather conditions, and the inevitable accident that puts you behind schedule. The schlep is real.

Outsiders just don’t get how New Yorkers manage to live in this tumultuous urban setting. They don’t understand the marvelousness that is living in an epicenter of rich artistic and cultural scenes. Or the thrill of finding a hidden noodle shop three blocks from your apartment. People who live outside of NYC don’t feel the buzzing, invigorating energy that makes the schlep so worthwhile.

Because NYC is a fantastic city to live in, locals put up with the schlep and live in cramped quarters.

To live in the Big Apple, the reality is that you do need to make sacrifices, like embracing demanding commutes and meager square footage. Fortunately, there are smart ways to mitigate these downsides.

Valet storage tackles both of these problems and more. Below we examine the qualities of valet storage that help make life easier in NYC.  

Pick-up and Drop-off Delivery Service

By far the most popular benefit of having valet storage is that the customer is not required to schlep to the storage facility. This is particularly useful for New York City residents, many of whom don’t own cars and might live far from their self-storage units. Because it’s rarely the case that one needs something out of storage immediately, you can take advantage of valet storage scheduling services—even utilizing same-day drop-offs if it is urgent.

Drop-offs can be scheduled online any day of the week at a time that is convenient for you, like after work. In kind, you can request a pick-up of storage containers without having to rearrange your day or spend hours commuting, the way self-storage requires.

Valet Storage is an Affordable Service

Contrary to popular belief, the deluxe customer care and delivery services that one receives with valet storage come at a better price than self-storage. Valet storage charges for the amount of space that is used, whereas the alternative charges for an entire unit. Additionally, Box Butler guarantees that at least 25% of your current storage bill can be reduced, and perhaps more.

Your Belongings are Secured and Insured

When your belongings are stored with a valet service, they are sent to a safe warehouse that is monitored by security. Because your delivery team is coming in and out all day, more attention is paid to the conditions of the warehouse, making accidents and mishaps a rarity.

One concern new clients have is if personnel will violate their privacy and go through their boxes. This is not the case at Box Butler. The team is hand-selected by Human Resources to ensure trustworthy and reliable individuals are given the task of overseeing your personal belongings. Plus, they need to pass a background check with squeaky clean results.

On top of 24/7 security monitoring and reliable staff, the warehouse insures your belongings two-fold: if something happens directly to your storage containers, and if there is an accident in the warehouse itself. Without extra cost to you, belongings stored in a valet storage service warehouse receive full protection.  

Climate-Controlled Warehouse

Throughout the year, the warehouse team monitors the interior climate to match outdoor temperatures. By taking such great care to control the climate of the warehouse, belongings of different fabrics and materials are stored for long periods of time without growing mold or being damaged. The Box Butler warehouse was also selected for its durable construction. With walls made of cinderblocks and concrete, fire- and water-damage is made nearly impossible.

Get Your Belongings Shipped

The butler service of a valet storage company can also make your travel or moving plans exceedingly simpler. If you are an avid surfer or golfer, you already know how difficult it is to move around with equipment this bulky. With valet storage, you don’t have to.

Instead, call your delivery team and notify them of the address you will be residing in while on vacation. Your service agent will arrange delivery straight from the warehouse and make sure your sporting equipment is waiting for you upon arrival.

The same goes for clients that are moving. You can arrange through Box Butler to have anything shipped to your new home or office address, including furniture.

Donate to Charity from the Warehouse

After some time separated with your personal effects, you might find that you no longer need or want certain items in storage. You can save time planning on what to do by organizing a donation pick-up directly from the warehouse. Simply indicate which items should be donated and the customer service team will handle the rest, including sending your tax deduction receipt.

Customers using valet storage services have found it to be the most logical option when living in New York City. Self-storage is a great model; however, it lacks the convenience, advantages, and competitive pricing that valet storage does.

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By Emma Alois