5 Best Shelves for Your NYC Apartment

5 Best Shelves for Your NYC Apartment

Whether it’s a studio in Alphabet City or a townhouse in Prospect Park, one thing all apartments in New York City have in common is what's holding up the roof. That's right; we're talking about walls. And walls are your newest secret weapon to combating limited storage space.

Wall hooks and portable clothing racks extend your wardrobe closet, but what about everything else that you own? When you have inadequate space and an overflow of personal belongings in NYC, rely on the most overlooked form of storage: a good, old-fashioned shelf.

5 Types of Wall Shelves to Shop For

There are limitless stylish shelves to choose from nowadays. Modern chrome finishes or unique designs elevate your décor while organizing the clutter. See our favorite shelf picks for 2017 below.

The Ladder Shelf

Leaning Ladder Book Shelf

Image via Innovaar.com

A ladder shelf leans against a wall at the top with its feet extending out, creating a triangular empty space between the shelves and the wall. The effect is architectural and elegant. This shelf style works with many décor styles, but most especially with French country and industrial looks.

Where to shop for ladder shelves: Pottery Barn and Target carry leaning ladder shelves. It’s not the leaning ladder style, but we also love this Stairway Shelf from CB2.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelf with Colorful Objects

Image via Flickr

What’s not to love about floating shelves? You can hang them anywhere, and they don’t take up necessary floor space. You can also get creative with floating shelves. For instance, if you are on a budget, forego expensive bedside tables and hang a small floating shelf next to your bed. Or if you don’t have a linen closet, put one up in your bathroom to house your towels, toilet paper, and other essentials.

Where to shop for a floating shelf: Ikea has myriad options.

Wire Shelving Grids

Grid Wire Kitchen Shelf Storage

Image via Rockett St. George

For those using their microwave to store pots and pans, get a kitchen wire shelf grid. These units are ideal for kitchen storage. You can select different shapes to add on (like a small tray for soap or cylindrical container for spatulas and stirring spoons), as well as hooks to hang your pots from.

Where to shop for kitchen wall grid systems: Fermos and Kitchen Works sell wire grid systems for the kitchen. This copper five-shelf wall system from Oliver Bonas is a great option, too, works in any room, and it’s dust-free!

Honeycomb Wall Shelves

Image via Flckr

The hexagonal-shaped wall shelves are perfect for any knick-knacks and collectibles. If you are storing them under the bed or have them scattered around unceremoniously, chances are that dust is collecting. Even worse, these objects are getting in your way. By giving these personal items homes on a shelf, you are also tidying up your apartment.

What’s great about a honeycomb wall shelf is that you can build the shelf space out. Simply fit three or four pieces together and you’ll have more shelf storage and a cool wall design.

Where to shop for honeycomb-shaped shelving: Shop this shape at the Land of Nod. For the purists, Cubit has a modern take on the traditional cube shelf (also known as the cubby).

Modular Shelving Units

Pink long Modular Shelf Unit with Drawers and Shelves

Image via Flickr

Depending on how much stuff you need to organize, getting a large modular shelf might be the best way to go. What makes a modular shelf system work so well in a city apartment is that it’s customizable. You can choose between an open shelf space or closed-door shelving. This makes for a useful combination of storage and display, which also looks great.

Where to shop for modular shelves: West Elm has several options.   

Honorable Mentions: Other Shelves We Love at Box Butler

These unique shelving units are just too good to go unmentioned.

  • The classic, clean, and airy String Shelves from Skandium.
  • The Heal’s Tower Shelves can be adapted to any apartment size or living needs.
  • The CB2 V Bookcase-Room Divider adds instant style to a room.

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