Home Décor Trend 2017: Greenery & More Revitalizing Colors

Greenery Pantone Color 2017
Home Décor Trend 2017: Greenery & More Revitalizing Colors

Happy New Year! In honor of 2017, we scoured the Web to bring you the most on-trend styles in interior design this year. In this five-part series, we introduce the top interior design trends of 2017.

Make one of your New Year’s resolutions to freshen up your home with this year’s interior design trends—you will be amazed by the positive impact it will have on other areas of your life.

Décor trends tend to run the gamut in styles and influences, and this year is no exception. From eco-chic to luxe metals, there is something for everyone. Today, we reveal which color palette will be all over the showrooms in 2017: rich hues and stimulating neutrals.

Jewel Tones and Colorful Neutrals are a Major 2017 Décor Trend

In 2016, soft neutrals like chalky pastels and soothing charcoals dominated. This color palette will continue to be popular—looking at the new lines at Restoration Hardware to affirm—yet consumers will find a greater inclusion of color, too. Specifically, jewel-toned colors that are bright and airy. Even the neutrals will be more colorful.

Greenery Is the New “It” Color

The 2017 color palate released by the Pantone Color Institute is revitalizing and fresh. "One of the things that we saw this year, was a renewed sense of imagination in which color was appearing in context that was different than the traditional," said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. 

The institute introduced one particularly vibrant hue called “Greenery,” which Elle Décor dubbed the “the world’s brightest neutral.”

"This shade of green is different from what we've ever done as color of the year before," says Eiseman. "We love that feeling of newness, of realigning yourself and revitalizing yourself. A really important aspect is that the color has vibrancy and a little bit of brightness."

What better way to start out the year than with a color that is uplifting? If you think you might not be ready to paint one wall bright green, though, you can subtly incorporate the color in accent pieces, like these coffee cups!

Traditional Bedroom with Greenery Green Accent Wall

Jewel-Toned Art Déco Pieces

Sky and ocean blues will continue to be favorites this year, while rich colors like magenta will be introduced as useful accent pieces, such as a bedside table. To be really on trend, seek out Art Deco pieces painted in jewel-like colors. With its flattering geometric lines, Art Deco style comes in pieces that are sturdy and modern, which works well with the underlying theme of all the 2017 interior design trends: stylish comfort (we’ll go more into that next week).

Not-So-Mellow Yellows

Another bright color to watch out for is yellow. Design director at MasterBrand Cabinets Stephanie Pierce says to expect all manner of styles from country farmhouse to midcentury modern to show up in yellows, “from pale butter to dark mustard, yellows are cropping up everywhere.” Take note that this trend does not pertain to yellow or gold walls. Instead, seek out furniture pieces like an armoire or Louis chairs in bright yellow for exceptional pops of color.

High Gloss Yellow Mod Kitchen Cabinets

Final Note: Incorporate bright and rich color choices this year to reinvigorate your home decor. 

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By Emma Alois

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