5 Home Organization Apps to Love

5 Home Organization Apps to Love

From chores to to-do lists, staying organized at home is like a part-time job. Managing your time, delegating tasks to your family, and simply remembering to do something is one of the greatest feats of adulthood. But you don't have to do it alone anymore. Instead, take advantage of technology.

Organizational mobile phone apps have simplified the process of getting things done. Whether you live with a roommate or have a large family, we highlight phone apps that will be useful to managing house chores and responsibilities. For keeping track of your belongings, we also feature apps that help keep things in order. Once you've gotten started, you won't be able to live without them. 

Sortly Mobile App

The Sortly App is the ultimate inventory list-taker. For instance, if you have a collectible collection, this app is calling your name. Planning on moving soon? Organize your boxes with Sortly.

Sortly uses photos to categorize your belongings in one place. You can create different folders, add notes about your belongings (like where they are being stored), and even use it to set reminders (like when the warranties on your home appliances should be renewed). It's so good that its website even touts its sorting benefits for small business inventories. 

Offer Up 

Chances are you have a few home belongings that you want to get rid of. Offer Up is a great alternative to community boards or Craigslist. You take a photo of the item you want to unload, and include a description with pricing. Once your item is circulated to other Offer Up users living in your area, the negotiations can begin! There's an in-app messaging service to communicate with, which adds an appealing level of security. Ratings are given to users as well, so you know who to avoid and who to engage with.

For items that you want to donate instead, Box Butler can help! Box Butler will pick up gently used clothes, books, appliances, and furniture and deliver them to the non-profit organization Housing Works

Tody Organizational App 

Doing the chores is often a joyless task, and deciding that's it the right time do it is just too easy to postpone. With Tody, the app will analyze your chores and keep a visual bar of cleanliness. Basically, this app stops you from wasting time on cleaning something that doesn't need it. Instead, Tody shows you which house chores need to be completed based on frequency. If a chore is due or overdue, it alerts you. Family members can keep track of the chores they've completed by tapping the "Just did it" button. 


Parents, gather 'round. ChoreMonster is your new favorite mobile app because it does the unthinkable: It turns house chores into games for kids. Through the app, your kids earn points for completing predetermined tasks. Once a set number of points are accumulated, they get "rewarded." How you reward your children is up to you. It could be with an ice cream outing or a weekend trip away. The interface is designed to be used by kids, too, teaching them the first stages of accountability in a fun and engaging way. 


If your roommate(s) and you are getting into arguments over home maintenance, try out Homeslice. You can keep inventory of shared supplies like toilet paper and laundry detergent, and keep track of who is responsible for getting what. Just about everything you split can be managed on Homeslice, like your utility bills. For added communications, there's a virtual whiteboard to write notes on. 

Do you have more clutter you want to get rid of? Here are 6 easy ways to donate in New York City. 

By Emma Alois

Image via Pixabay