7 Simple Styling Tips for Spring Home Décor

7 Simple Styling Tips for Spring Home Décor

This 2016/2017 winter has flown by, with just a few days of temperamental snow storms dotting the season. What better way to usher out this tepid winter and herald the first days of spring than by making some easy changes at home! This spring, you don’t need to make big investments. Instead, continue focusing on decluttering your home, and refresh your décor with these 7 simple styling tips for spring.

1—Switch Out Your Pillows
One of the simplest ways to refresh your home is to move things around. Alternate the color schemes between rooms, or rummage through your storage bins for different throws to switch out. If you really need something new, then head over to your favorite furniture store.                                                                                                                                                      
The latest designs for home décor 2017 are bright and fun. Box Butler is loving these Moroccan-inspired designs from Anthropologie and the bright geometric prints by West Elm.

2—Decorate with Bright Coffee Table Books
You are the books you read and the images you surround yourself with. Apply this life mantra to your home this spring by investing in new coffee table books, or rearranging the ones you have featuring covers with colorful, inspiring images. Not only do they look wonderful on shelves or table surfaces, (plus a large book can double as a tray for that midnight sofa snack), but they are an encyclopedia of knowledge. So don’t just get a book for the sake of it; consider your interests and make a meaningful investment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Taschen has a huge assortment of culture- and design-oriented coffee table books that target dozens of interests. Or spend a weekend afternoon going through Manhattan’s bookstores, instead.

3—Introduce a New Scent with Candles
Smell is the strongest trigger for memory, so switching out your candles is equivalent to giving yourself a blank slate for spring. Florals, sea scents, or fresh soapy smells are classic spring-time scents to refresh your home with. Look for new candles at Zara Home or support local NYC small business Brooklyn Candle Studio, which makes lovely scented soy-based candles from scratch.

4—Dust Off Your Flower Vases and Fill Them with Blooms
If there is one spring home decoration tip to follow, this is the one. Studies reveal that flowers improve the personal satisfaction one feels for his or her life. Additionally, flowers “have strong positive impacts on our emotional well-being.”                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Fill your home with fresh flowers from your local corner store. Next to your bed, on the coffee table, and especially on the hall table so it’s the last thing you see when you leave, and the first thing you come home to. To bring architectural influences to your flower displays, Barney’s has an exceptional selection of flower vases to choose from. For an understated flower design, get a simple cylindrical vase and fill it with delicate cherry blossom branches.

5—Display Colorful Fruit
Fruit displays are a simple and charming way to bring spring into your home. Choose a rectangular white platter and arrange a row of bright yellow lemons, or arrange cluster of pineapples on the kitchen counter. For an elevated look, arrange fruits on top of a cake stand, like this marble one from Sur la Table.

6—Refresh Your Dish Towels
Throw out frayed, stained, or dreary dish towels, replacing them with a crisp set. It’s an understated yet effective design trick to update your kitchen. The same can be applied to all your bathrooms!

7—Replace Your Soap with Spring Scents
Switching out your winter soap with brand new bottles of soap is another quick way to update your bathrooms and kitchen. Decorate your bathroom sinks with these delicate hand soaps from the Little Soap Shop in Astoria, or purchase a new crisp bottle from Attmu.                                                                                                                   
As you welcome spring into your home, start looking around at your winter belongings. In a couple weeks, it will be time to spring clean and sort your belongings. Call Box Butler about storing your winter stuff for the summer—we also deliver donation piles!

If you want to make a greater design overhaul, get inspired by these 2017 home decor trends.

By Emma Alois

Image via Bloglovin'